Where do you provide your whitening service?

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As we are a mobile service, Brighten Your Smile will travel to wherever you are!

We service all areas of New South Wales all in the comfort of your own home, office, or salon.
As long as there is a power point, we are able to brighten your smile :)

Can we choose what colour our teeth will be?

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Results will vary from individual to individual.
We have personally seen results range from 4-8 shades brighter.
Our regular clients who see us every 3-5 months are able to achieve and maintain results up to 10 shades brighter.

Who is allowed to whiten their teeth?

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We highly recommend whitening if you have seen your dentist within the last year for a clean. This will mean that there is a reduced chance of calculus build up on your teeth which will in turn give you a better result.

We do not recommend whitening for:

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding females

Although there has been no scientific evidence to show that teeth whitening poses any threat to the baby, it is best to hold off until pregnancy + breastfeeding is completed

  • People under the age of 16 years 

Are there any side effects of whitening your teeth?

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Contrary to popular belief, whitening DOES NOT  wear away the enamel of the tooth.
The only side effect whitening has is minor sensitivity during and after treatment which can last up to a few days. 

How can the results be maintained?

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It is advisable that you will have to upkeep your oral hygiene routine.
This means brushing twice daily, morning and night and flossing.
Avoid eating or drinking anything that can stain your teeth i.e. smoking, tea, coffee, red wine, beetroot.
Always remember to rinse out or drink water after eating to remove the  film left on the surface of the teeth which may result in staining.

Do you do payment plans?

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To book an appointment, there is a required deposit of $25 which will go towards your treatment.
At the moment, we do not deal with third parties for payments but are currently in the works.
Payments are finalised at the end of each session.

If booking is cancelled within 24 hours, the deposit is forfeited.

How often do your teeth need to be touched up?

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Teeth Whitening is not permanent. If you consume foods and drinks that are rich in colour in your diet, results may fade in as little as 1 month. 
A follow up appointment 4-6 weeks after the initial appointment is always recommended. 
Results should then last 6-12 months after.